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When’s the Deadline to Fight Your Denied or Underpaid Flood Insurance Claim?

Long & Long Property Insurance Loss Attorneys, Mobile Alabama

It has been over six months since Hurricane Harvey, and many Texans are still struggling with their flood insurance companies and adjusters to get the claim payment they need to recover from the storm. If you did not get paid enough to repair your home, don’t give up. Fight back against your insurance company to get the payment you deserve.

Federal law requires that you submit your own Proof of Loss (POL) for additional payment on your claim. Your own POL must include specifications of the damages and a detailed estimate created by an expert. Don’t be fooled into thinking a contractor estimate will be enough.

You have only one year from the date of filing the initial claim to submit your own POL.

This means there are only a few months left to gather your documents, hire an expert, and submit your POL. If your insurance company didn’t pay you enough to repair or rebuild your home, it’s time to do something about it.

If your insurance company denied or underpaid your claim, you can turn to an experienced flood insurance lawyer to fight to help you get the compensation that you deserve.

Check out our recent blog post about the top 6 reasons to hire a lawyer to handle your flood and wind insurance claim.

This deadline is strict, so contact a Texas flood insurance lawyer soon to review your case and send out experts to create a fair assessment of your losses.

If your home suffered damage during Hurricane Harvey, and you have wind and flood insurance, the experienced Harvey Flood Insurance Claims Attorneys can handle your entire flood and wind insurance claim for you. Contact us today at 713-863-0333.

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