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What Houston Residents Need to Know About Their Flood Insurance Claims

February 22nd, 2018 Flood Damage
Long & Long Property Insurance Loss Attorneys, Mobile Alabama

According to the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI), approximately 670,000 personal and commercial property claims were filed with private insurance through the end of October  2017 in the wake of Harvey. It isn’t surprising that 90% of those claims came from Houston and the Coastal Bend, which were ravaged by the flooding of the storm. In fact, Houston received 50 inches of rainfall, and one-third of the area was entirely flooded during the Category 4 storm.

Harvey Flood Claims Rundown

  • 354,000 Residential Claims
  • 203,000 Automobile Claims
  • 37,000 Commercial Property Claims
  • 66,000 Flood Claims

Behind every one of these claims is a person or family that is trying to rebuild and get their lives back.

Do the Insurance Companies Care if You Are Paid Fairly to Rebuild?

Unfortunately, insurance companies do not have Houston residents’ best interests at heart, and they are looking to process the most claims as fast as possible, without a care for what the residents are going through.

Due to this, insurance companies often underpay those who are filing for Houston flood and wind insurance. Those who file claims can also be denied. It can seem daunting having too little or nothing to rebuild your home or business.

If your claim has been denied or underpaid by private insurance companies, or if you are tired of waiting for the private insurance companies to process your claim, you have legal options.

Why an Experienced Lawyer Can Help You Obtain a Fair Insurance Claim

An experienced Houston flood claim lawyer can help ensure that you get the flood and wind insurance claim that you deserve. One of the main reasons that insurance companies get away with underpayment tactics is because they do their own assessment of the damage.

A property loss attorney can send out the firm’s own, certified adjusters to fairly assess the damage to your residential or commercial property. The statement is submitted to the insurance company, and the lawyer will work to negotiate your claim for you.

With all of the stress of recovering from the storm, dealing with insurance companies, deadlines and paperwork can be confusing and exhausting. Turning to a qualified flood insurance attorney to handle your entire claim and make sure your insurance company isn’t taking advantage of you is important.

If your home suffered damage during Hurricane Harvey, and you have wind and flood insurance, the experienced Harvey Flood Insurance Claims Attorneys can handle your entire flood and wind insurance claim for you. Contact us today at 713-863-0333.

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