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Toxic Chemicals in Flood Waters Pose Serious Health Risks to Houston Residents

March 20th, 2018 Flood Damage
Toxic Chemicals in Harvey Flood Waters

Hurricane Harvey has left a tremendous impact on the lives of countless Houston residents. However, one negative outcome that seems to be overlooked is the dangerous toll on the environment and public health. The severe flooding caused toxic chemicals from area chemical plants and oil refineries to spread into the air and soil, posing serious, long-term health risks.

Houston boasts more than 500 industrial sites, and the severe flooding has resulted in the release of toxic chemicals into the already devasted environment. The chemicals have infested the flood waters of people’s homes, causing severe damage, including lingering mold and bacteria.

Harvey Flood waters in homes of one public housing project in Buffalo Bayou were tested and showed evidence of unhealthy levels of E. coli and arsenic. In another similarly alarming situation, leaks at a Houston energy refinery released benzene, a carcinogen, into a local neighborhood.

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Many Houston residents were likely not aware of the severity of the environmental pollution. This is in part due to how the Environmental Protection Agency and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality failed to test flood waters and inform the public fast enough.

It is important to know about the risks in your area as chemicals and mold can cause a variety of health issues, including respiratory problems. Mold can cause health problems years after the flooding has ended, and could lead to health complications that are fatal.

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