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Thousands of Hurricane Harvey Victims Still Seeking Fair Insurance Settlements for Damaged and Destroyed Homes

December 26th, 2017 Flood Damage
Flood Insurance Claims

Over 13 million victims of Hurricane Harvey are trying to recover from one of the strongest storms on record. According to a recent Newsweek article, it is estimated that the Category 4 storm damage totaled $180 billion. Think about all of the families and people that have been displaced, and are still homeless because of this powerful storm.

Losing your home or sustaining significant damage from flood and wind is devastating. Not only have millions of people lost their homes and personal belongings, the insurance companies are not paying people the fair value to rebuild their homes. This is wrong on so many levels, and people are seeking help to deal with FEMA and the insurance companies.

Because the insurance companies are not acting fast enough, or are denying many claims, people and families are experiencing delays in trying to rebuild their homes and their lives.

Due to the wide-spread damages, thousands of people are trying to find shelter. According to Newsweek, 20,000 children are still homeless in Houston. Approximately 900,000 storm victims have applied for FEMA assistance since September. However, nearly all of the people with flood and wind insurance, who have been approved for long-term housing assistance, have still not received housing.

In addition to finding temporary and long-term housing, those with flood and wind insurance must also work with insurance companies to reach a fair claim. Yet, dealing with insurance companies after a storm is challenging, and the people of Houston are feeling discouraged.

Since insurance companies and their adjusters do not work for you, private insurance companies can issue unfair payments to victims of floods. They may only pay a partial claim, or fully deny the claim, leaving people confused and worried about what to do next.

There is help available from the law firm of Long & Long. We handle property loss claims, and have a highly experienced team of disaster attorneys who can help fight to get the flood and wind insurance claim settlement you deserve.

If your home suffered damage during Hurricane Harvey and you have wind and flood insurance, we can handle your entire flood and wind insurance claim for you. Contact the Harvey Flood Property Loss Attorneys at Long and Long at 713-863-0333.

We have handled over 7,500 property loss claims successfully securing the insurance benefits our clients deserved. Our attorneys are dedicated to fighting FEMA and private insurance companies to win the maximum insurance settlement. We have been up against their adjusters, lawyers and their underpayment tactics time and time again. Don’t be a victim twice.

The experienced Harvey Flood Insurance Claims Attorneys will work to secure the recovery you deserve for your residential, business or commercial property loss claim. Call Long & Long’s Property Loss Attorneys today at 713-863-0333. One of our Houston flood and wind insurance lawyers is standing by to help.

Take control of your insurance claim by calling Long & Long’s Property Loss Attorneys.

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