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Thousands of Hurricane Harvey Flood Victims Waiting on FEMA Inspections to Assess Home Damage

January 25th, 2018 Hurricane Damage
Harvey Flood Damage Lawyers

It has been five months since Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, and many residents of the Lonestar state are still facing many challenges that are making it incredibly difficult to receive the assistance they deserve.

As Hurricane Harvey flood and wind damage victims are quickly finding out the hard way, the FEMA assistance process is complicated. It seems to be causing more harm than good for families who have been denied assistance or are waiting on inspections.

Unfortunately, many families with legitimate flood and wind damage claims are being denied assistance, leaving them devastated, and worried about how they will be able to find the funds to rebuild, and what to do in the meantime.

Flood and wind insurance claim denials are making many good people feel forgotten by the government. This can be extremely taxing on those affected by the flood who are also grappling with the profound emotional damages from the disaster.

In the event that a homeowner’s disaster insurance claim in Texas is approved, it may seem as though they have the green light to move forward with the process, and it’s all smooth sailing from there. But, receiving an approval can lead to even more complications that further frustrate the already exhausted Harvey flood victims of Texas.

Currently, the most significant hurdle to the process is the delay in necessary inspections to determine need. Inspections are essential to assess the flood and wind damage from Hurricane Harvey. FEMA then uses the assessment to help determine eligibility for insurance payments to Texas flood victims.

While 45% of Texas homeowners with flood damage have been approved for FEMA assistance, 33% of the flood-damaged homes have not even been inspected yet, which is significantly drawing out the process.

For renters, this is an even bigger issue. Only 36% of Texas flood victims that rent their residences are approved, and 37% of those renters are still waiting for inspections by FEMA and flood insurance companies. Thousands of families are still waiting for Texas flood and wind damage inspections to understand how much assistance they will receive.

Texans are living with the flood and wind damage every day, and it is unfair that delays to inspections are what is holding them back from moving forward with rebuilding.

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At Long & Long Property Loss Attorneys, we know that those affected by Hurricane Harvey are frustrated by the runaround they are getting from dealing with FEMA and insurance companies. Harvey flood and wind damage victims deserve someone who will listen to them and give them straight answers to help them rebuild and get their lives on track.

If you have flood and wind damage insurance, and you feel like you are getting the runaround, call Long & Long Property Loss attorneys for help. If your flood claim has been denied by FEMA or another flood insurance company, call Long & Long. If you feel that your Texas flood damage claim was paid, but you did not receive enough money to rebuild your home and your life, call Long & Long for help.

Don’t give up. Let our experienced Texas Flood Insurance claims attorneys fight to seek the maximum recovery you may deserve for your flood damage claim.

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