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Only 8 Days Left to Submit Form to Receive The Insurance Claim You Deserve

8 days left to submit proof of loss for hurricane harvey damages

Flood insurance policyholders who have been underpaid for damages to their homes or businesses only have until Saturday, August, 25 to submit FEMA Proof of Loss forms. Submitting a Proof of Loss is the only way that policyholders can receive additional money for their flood insurance claims. If the deadline is missed, the claim is permanently closed, making it impossible to receive the money they deserve to rebuild.

As detailed on FEMA’s website, the Proof of Loss must include damage estimates, as well as documentation detailing the costs associated with the repairs. Download FEMA’s Proof of Loss form here.

With only eight days left before the deadline, it is crucial that the Proof of Loss is accurately completed and submitted as soon as possible. Keep these important Proof of Loss points in mind:

  • It’s the policyholder’s responsibility to fill out the Proof of Loss and submit all supporting documentation to the insurance company.
  • Detailed estimates of the damage must be secured—a contractor’s estimate will not be enough.
  • The Proof of Loss must adhere to FEMA’s strict standards and there’s no room for mistakes.
  • The process can be complicated, which is why seeking help from experienced flood insurance claims lawyers can be valuable to ensure everything is completed correctly.
  • Look for a law firm that sends their own certified adjusters to assess the damage and complete necessary documentation.

Don’t Miss the Deadline to Receive the Insurance Claim You Deserve

You paid for your flood insurance policy, and deserve to be compensated for the damages that Hurricane Harvey caused. The attorneys at Long & Long have successfully handled more than 7,500 property loss claims to secure the insurance benefits our clients deserve.

Our attorneys fight on the front lines against unfair insurance payments and have dedicated their practice to fighting both FEMA and private insurance companies. We have been up against their adjusters, their lawyers and their underpayment tactics time and time again. Let us help you get the recovery you deserve.

Call the Long & Long Property Loss Attorneys today at 713-863-0333. One of our experienced Houston Flood Insurance Lawyers is standing by to help.



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