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Most Hurricane Harvey Drownings Outside Flood Zones

April 25th, 2018 Flood Zones
Long & Long Property Insurance Loss Attorneys, Mobile Alabama

Only 22% of Drowning Deaths Inside Historical Floodplain

Researchers from Texas and the Netherlands recently conducted a study of Hurricane Harvey fatalities. They found the leading cause of death related to the storm was drowning—and reached the alarming conclusion that most of these deaths occurred outside of the designated flood zones. In fact, only 22% of drownings in Harris County occurred within the 100-year floodplain—suggesting many deaths occurred in areas residents believed did not have a substantial risk of flooding.

The terrifying truth is that many drowning victims were stuck in vehicles as the rising waters surrounded them—leaving them unable to get out. Others escaped their vehicles only to be swept away. While our thoughts go out to the victims and their families, one question remains: Would they have survived if they knew they lived in a flood zone?

Such tragic deaths underscore the ineffectiveness of current flood-zone designation. Hurricane Harvey brought more than 40 inches of rain to Houston. It would have been difficult to predict the severity of Hurricane Harvey, but there are serious issues with the data used to draw flood maps and define flood zones. As explored in a recent blog post, the concept of 100-year and 500-year floods is highly misleading.

Hopefully, new data will allow Houston city council members and scientists to change how flood zones are created and named. This will help clarify flooding risk and could potentially save lives—especially as the next hurricane season arrives shortly.

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