Hurricane Claim Attorneys

Our team has been successful fighting on behalf of thousands of home and business across the country for decades because we know how the insurance industry works. We can make it work for you. Our property loss attorneys have dedicated their legal practice to fighting insurance companies and have represented over 8,000 home and business owners following Hurricanes Katrina, Gustav, Ike, Ivan, Sandy and Harvey.

The process of rebuilding is stressful enough on its own, but when your property damage claim is underpaid, dealing with the insurance company can become the storm after the storm. Flood and wind insurance policies are complex contracts with exclusions and deadlines that cannot be missed. We have committed our practice to helping flood and wind victims across the country, and we have a proven track record of success. We can help you document all of your damage and make the insurance company pay for it. Don’t wait and see. Don’t trust your adjuster to do the right thing. They will try to cut corners; we won’t let them. Our team will create a detailed damage assessment for your structure and your contents claim that accounts for your real damages. Unlike other insurance claims professionals, if the insurance company doesn’t play fair, we can make them pay the price in court.

Hurricane Claims We Currently Handle

Past Hurricane Claim Experience

  • Hurricane Harvey (2017)
  • Hurricane Sandy (2012)
  • Hurricane Gustav (2008)
  • Hurricane Ike (2008)
  • Hurricane Katrina (2005)
  • Hurricane Ivan (2004)

If a hurricane has caused severe damage to your home or commercial building there is a limited amount of time to file an insurance claim. Take back control of your insurance claim today. Call Long & Long at 251-445-6000 or fill out our online form.