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Houston Residents Cannot Move into FEMA Trailers Due to Local Ordinances

January 10th, 2018 Hurricane Harvey
Hurricane Harvey Houston Flood Lawyers

Thousands of Houston residents are still dealing with the aftermath of flood and wind damage from Hurricane Harvey. In an effort to provide temporary housing for many affected, FEMA provided trailers for housing.

Many FEMA trailers have been set up in front of houses of those affected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas, but some families have been restricted from moving into them.

Local utility regulations are drawing out the process, and making it almost impossible for people to move in. To make matters even more complicated, FEMA must inspect every trailer before it is deemed safe to inhabit.

This is the latest setback that is frustrating so many Texas residents who are trying to get temporary housing. The irony of having a ready-to-move in mobile home right on your property, yet being unable live in it due to laws and lengthy inspections, is extremely disheartening.

Houston residents do not even have the option of having mobile homes on their properties. This is due to a temporary home ordinance that prohibits moving into a mobile home on a person’s property, because trailers can only be located in mobile home parks.

Overall, a main cause of the housing catastrophe is slow action by FEMA. The organization did not begin providing names of those who were in need of temporary housing until December. Hurricane Harvey hit Texas in August.

This leaves 5,851 of the 6,970 families who qualified for FEMA assistance waiting to move into temporary housing. Therefore, many families have no other option but to live in their flood and wind ravaged homes, or hotels while they wait.

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This is unacceptable. For the thousands of families trying to get their lives back together, this obstacle is another unwelcome challenge in the aftermath of the natural disaster.

At Long & Long, Property Loss Attorneys, we understand your situation and your frustration. We would like to help you get the insurance payment you need to rebuild your home properly. The lack of quick action on the part of FEMA and local governments is keeping flood victims hostage.

Long & Long property loss attorneys can help you navigate through this difficult time and help you receive the fair flood and wind insurance settlement that you deserve.

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We have been up against their adjusters, lawyers and their underpayment tactics time and time again. Don’t be a victim twice.

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