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Houston Chronicle Article Stresses Deadline for Harvey Victims Seeking Additional Flood Insurance Payments

Long & Long Property Insurance Loss Attorneys, Mobile Alabama

The one-year anniversary of Hurricane Harvey is in August. And with that, the deadline is approaching fast to file a Proof of Loss along with your Supplemental Claim to seek additional payments from your flood insurance company.

Do not wait until the last minute to file for additional money from your flood or wind insurance carrier.

Long & Long property loss attorney Cate Biggs told the Houston Chronicle, “We’ve seen it after every single storm — so many people call us a week after the deadline and there’s nothing we can do to help them because they did not preserve their rights,” Biggs said. “There have been such terrible cases out there when we were fighting against FEMA for people who had missed the deadline even by an hour.”

The upcoming deadline to file a Proof of Loss is only weeks away. This deadline is on or around August 25, 2018 —the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Harvey. It will take time to put your paperwork together correctly, so call Long & Long now for help at 713-863-0333.

What Does the Proof of Loss Deadline Mean? What You Should Know as a Policyholder

Many policyholders are not aware that the deadline exists, or what the Proof of Loss deadline means.

This one-page document details the flood damages that policyholders are claiming. If more damage has been found, or if a policyholder did not receive sufficient payment to rebuild, they may be able to file a Supplemental Claim. If your flood insurance company has not paid you your flood damage policy limits and your contents damage policy limits, you may be entitled to collect additional funds.

But you must accurately submit the new documents before the deadline.

Without submitting a complete Proof of Loss before the deadline, a policyholder’s claim is permanently closed, and no legal action can be taken.

Don’t Repeat the Past: Many Policyholders Have Missed this Crucial Deadline to Receive a Fair Claim

Long & Long flood insurance claims attorneys hosted two educational town hall events last week in Kingwood and Friendswood to help educate flood insurance policyholders about their rights. Former FEMA supervisors were on hand, as well as local flood insurance adjusters to answer questions.

Your Proof of Loss Must Be Filled Correctly. Turn to Experienced Flood Insurance Dispute Lawyers

For Houston homeowners who have flood and wind insurance, it is important to contact experienced attorneys who understand the ins and outs of flood insurance mitigation. We can help you with the complex process of filing a Proof of Loss along with your supplemental loss claim.

Call Long & Long today to speak to an experienced Texas flood loss attorney for a free claim assessment and learn how to file an accurate Proof of Loss Claim.

Call today at 713-863-0333. An experienced Houston Flood Insurance Lawyer is standing by to help.

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