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Has Your Flood Insurance Company Denied or Underpaid Your Hurricane Harvey Flood Loss Insurance Claim?  

Long & Long Property Insurance Loss Attorneys, Mobile Alabama

Recently, the Wall Street Journal published a telling video detailing the stories of two families with different income levels who have both suffered significant damage to their homes in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Both families have flood insurance. One family’s claim has gone unpaid entirely. The other’s claim was underpaid severely. Each has suffered significant financial harm at the hands of their insurance company. That is why—now more than ever—it is important to hire an experienced Houston property loss attorney to handle your Hurricane Harvey flood insurance claim.

A Six-Figure Income… and Still Not Enough

The first family—with a joint income of more than $100,000—received one month of rental assistance after Hurricane Harvey. In total, however, the family found themselves displaced from their damaged, unlivable home for over five months.

While the total cost to repair the family’s home was $170,000, they received an insurance check for only $119,000. During this difficult time of rebuilding, they were fortunate to receive some financial help from their church. In the end, they still suffer at the hands of their flood insurance company—having not received the full value of the repairs needed to rebuild their home.

A Low-Income Family Loses Everything

The second family—a lower income household—had significant flood damage to their home. When FEMA did not pay rental assistance, they were forced to stay in their damaged home. After the flood waters receded, their home filled with mold, causing the children to get sick.

The insurance company told them they needed to hire licensed contractors to receive payment for work to repair the flood damage. These contractors, however, were charging several times the value of the work needed—and insurance would still only pay the value their adjuster placed on the work.

That’s when the homeowner—who worked in construction—decided to do the work himself. The insurance company said they would not pay for any work he performed. To make things worse, the homeowner lost his job during the period in which he stayed home to repair his home and make it safe for his children. To this day, the family’s flood insurance claims remain unpaid. The homeowner spent all of his savings on repairs and does not have any other safety nets to fall back on.

The Hard Truth About Hurricane Harvey Relief

Both families above had flood insurance. One family could not collect from their insurance company at all. The other was dramatically underpaid for the flood damage they suffered.

While it seems that lower-income families have suffered the largest blow to financial health after Hurricane Harvey, the problem does not end there. Higher-income families—families who thought they had the right insurance coverage—continue to suffer as well. Unpaid and underpaid Hurricane Harvey flood insurance claims have caused innocent homeowners significant harm regardless of family income.

An Experienced Houston Property Loss Attorney Can Help.

Eight months after Hurricane Harvey, thousands of Houston families still find themselves displaced–and they are still fighting with their insurance companies. If you are one of them, let Long & Long help. If your insurance company is not acting promptly, has underpaid you, or has denied your claim entirely; call us for help at (713) 863-0333.

If your home suffered severe damage during Hurricane Harvey and you have flood insurance, we can handle your entire Houston flood insurance claim for you. Contact the Harvey Flood Property Loss Attorneys at Long & Long at 713-863-0333.

The attorneys at Long & Long have successfully handled over 7,500 property loss claims to secure the insurance benefits our clients deserve. Our attorneys fight on the front lines against unfair insurance payments and have dedicated their practice to fighting both FEMA and private insurance companies. We have been up against their adjusters, their lawyers, and their underpayment tactics time and time again. Let us help you get the recovery you deserve.

Our experienced Harvey Flood Insurance Claims Attorneys will fight to get you paid fully. Call Long & Long Property Loss Attorneys today at 713-863-0333. One of our experienced Houston Flood Insurance Lawyers is standing by to help.