A big loss is a big job.  Mistakes made now can become a legal battle later. Protect your business now and get the help you need to maximize your insurance claim from the beginning.

Our attorneys and experts will protect your business and make sure your claims are managed properly right from the beginning. We are committed to getting you the response and recovery your business needs and deserves. Your business can’t afford to let the insurance company cut corners on your claim payment. If you have suffered severe flood or wind damage to your business, you have a limited time to file and resolve your insurance claim. Let us help you get your business up and running as quickly as possible.

Flood or Wind Claims: The process of rebuilding your business is stressful enough on its own, but when your damage claim is underpaid, dealing with the insurance company can become the storm after the storm. Flood and wind insurance policies are complex contracts with exclusions and deadlines that cannot be missed. We will document all of your damage and make the insurance company pay for it. Our team will provide you with a detailed damage assessment, accounting for your real and actual damages. Mistakes made in the beginning of the claims process can create huge problems down the line. Let us take the burden of making sure your claim is handled correctly from the start.

Business Interruption:  When disaster strikes, it isn’t just the damage to your structure that takes a toll on your business. If your business was damaged by a catastrophic event, you may face major obstacles before you can go back to business as usual. Getting a fair payment for your business interruption claim should not be one of them. It is crucial to carefully evaluate your losses so that your business gets the payout it needs to stay in the black. Our legal team will evaluate your business interruption losses along with our forensic accountants and simplify the claims process from start to finish. We are different from other insurance claims professionals; if the insurance company doesn’t play fair, we will make them pay the price in court.

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If a hurricane has caused severe damage to your business, you have a limited time to file an insurance claim. Take back control of your insurance claim today. Contact the property loss attorneys at Long & Long for your free consultation.

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