New Houston Law Requires Elevated Homes

Houston Flood Insurance Attorney Posted April 18th, 2018

A recent study by the Houston Public Works organization found that more than 80% of Houston homes could have avoided serious flood damage if they had been elevated. They concluded homes should be built at least a foot above the estimated water level of a 100-year storm—meaning total rainfall has a 1% chance of occurring in any year. To compare, Hurricane Harvey was a 1-in-1,000-year…

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Has Your Flood Insurance Company Denied or Underpaid Your Hurricane Harvey Flood Loss Insurance Claim?  

Long & Long Property Insurance Loss Attorneys, Mobile Alabama Posted April 12th, 2018

Recently, the Wall Street Journal published a telling video detailing the stories of two families with different income levels who have both suffered significant damage to their homes in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Both families have flood insurance. One family’s claim has gone unpaid entirely. The other’s claim was underpaid severely. Each has suffered significant financial harm at the hands of their insurance company….

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Toxic Chemicals in Flood Waters Pose Serious Health Risks to Houston Residents

Toxic Chemicals in Harvey Flood Waters Posted March 20th, 2018

Hurricane Harvey has left a tremendous impact on the lives of countless Houston residents. However, one negative outcome that seems to be overlooked is the dangerous toll on the environment and public health. The severe flooding caused toxic chemicals from area chemical plants and oil refineries to spread into the air and soil, posing serious, long-term health risks. Houston boasts more than 500 industrial sites,…

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Long & Long Sends Thoughts and Prayers to Those Involved in Channelview High School Bus Crash

Long & Long Property Insurance Loss Attorneys, Mobile Alabama Posted March 13th, 2018

A bus full of high school band members and staff from Channelview High School in Texas crashed in Baldwin County, Alabama this morning. The band was on its way back from a school trip to Disney World. Unfortunately, the bus driver died in the crash. Many of the other passengers sustained serious injuries, and five are now in serious and critical conditions, fighting for their…

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When’s the Deadline to Fight Your Denied or Underpaid Flood Insurance Claim?

Long & Long Property Insurance Loss Attorneys, Mobile Alabama Posted March 1st, 2018

It has been over six months since Hurricane Harvey, and many Texans are still struggling with their flood insurance companies and adjusters to get the claim payment they need to recover from the storm. If you did not get paid enough to repair your home, don’t give up. Fight back against your insurance company to get the payment you deserve. Federal law requires that you…

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How FEMA and the Local Government Prolonged Harvey Relief Efforts

Houston Flood Insurance Claim Attorney Posted February 27th, 2018

Hurricane Harvey victims are growing weary of FEMA, the insurance companies, and government officials who are causing many delays and are always ready with a weak excuse as to why there is a severe lack of action. According to an alarming article from the Associated Press, recovery after Hurricane Harvey is abysmal, and certain aspects, such as availability of trailers and overall response, fall way…

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What Houston Residents Need to Know About Their Flood Insurance Claims

Long & Long Property Insurance Loss Attorneys, Mobile Alabama Posted February 22nd, 2018

According to the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI), approximately 670,000 personal and commercial property claims were filed with private insurance through the end of October  2017 in the wake of Harvey. It isn’t surprising that 90% of those claims came from Houston and the Coastal Bend, which were ravaged by the flooding of the storm. In fact, Houston received 50 inches of rainfall, and one-third…

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Congress Passes Extension for Flawed National Flood Insurance Program

Texas Flood and Storm Insurance Lawyers Posted February 12th, 2018

Congress recently passed legislation for another extension to keep the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) running through March 23. The program is run by FEMA, and according to its website, the NFIP was created to reduce the impact of flooding on houses and businesses. However, the program has many flaws that are exacerbated by what Houston residents affected by Hurricane Harvey are still experiencing— six…

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Are Your Flood Insurance Company and FEMA Being Fair with You?

Houston Flood Insurance Lawyers Posted February 5th, 2018

It has been almost six months since Hurricane Harvey hit, and many Texans are still working on fully repairing their homes and businesses so they can get back to normal life. A recent article from the Daily Texan shares the hardships that University of Texas students and their families are facing. Some residents are forced to live only on the second floor of their house, or…

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Thousands of Hurricane Harvey Flood Victims Unable to Pay Mortgages, May Cause Foreclosure Crisis

Harvey Flood Foreclosures Posted January 31st, 2018

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, many homeowners are struggling to repair their homes and provide for their families. The extreme financial burdens of the past few months leave many unable to pay their mortgages. According to an article by CBN News, the widespread inability of Houston flood victims to pay their mortgages may soon lead to an extensive foreclosure crisis. The majority of the…

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