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Are Your Flood Insurance Company and FEMA Being Fair with You?

February 5th, 2018 Hurricane Harvey
Houston Flood Insurance Lawyers

It has been almost six months since Hurricane Harvey hit, and many Texans are still working on fully repairing their homes and businesses so they can get back to normal life.

A recent article from the Daily Texan shares the hardships that University of Texas students and their families are facing. Some residents are forced to live only on the second floor of their house, or live in the garage, while their homes are being repaired. One student described returning home as visiting a war zone, with so many damaged houses and empty streets.

For Houston residents, Hurricane Harvey left severe flood and wind damage that needs to be fixed, but it’s not that simple. Not everyone has flood insurance, and for those who do, dealing with the insurance companies has been complicated and exhausting.

You may feel forgotten and upset that the insurance companies are not helping fast enough. You purchased the policy and paid your premiums and expected everything to go smoothly. Instead, they are making the process a hassle.

It may seem as though your only option is to keep working with the insurance company and FEMA and wait it out. But you do have another option, and a way to shake the insurance company into action.

Hire Long & Long property loss attorneys. Our #1 concern is to get your flood insurance claim paid as fully and as quickly as possible. We deal with these stalling tactics every day, and we know how to beat them. Contact the Harvey Flood Property Loss Attorneys at Long & Long at 713-863-0333.

At Long & Long Property Loss Attorneys, we have years of experience fighting against unreasonable adjusters and unresponsive insurance companies. We have handled over 7,500 property loss claims in the wake of natural disasters including Hurricanes Katrina, Gustav, Ike, Ivan and Sandy.

Let us help you recover the financial cost of the damages that you sustained from Hurricane Harvey.

Unlike private insurance companies that don’t work for you and underpay, our dedicated team of disaster loss attorneys can be trusted to get you what’s fair. We send out our own adjusters to assess your flood and wind damage claim, to help expedite the process. This will also give us a true assessment of what the full damages are, that you will need to rebuild.

Even if your Harvey flood and wind insurance claim has been denied, or if you feel that your flood insurance claim was underpaid, don’t give up.

If you have flood insurance and have sustained significant damage, Long & Long will fight for you.

When you contact Long & Long property loss attorneys in Texas, we will take care of everything. We will fill out the paperwork. Assess your damage. Send out our own adjuster who can be trusted. And fight with the insurance companies to secure the maximum recovery for you, and as quickly as possible.

Let us take care of your flood insurance claim, and you can rest easy knowing that your flood and wind insurance claim is being handled correctly.

With so many complicated policies and deadlines, you don’t want to wait any longer. If your home was damaged during Hurricane Harvey and you have wind and flood insurance, we can handle your entire flood and wind insurance claim for you. Contact Harvey Flood Property Loss Attorneys at Long & Long at 713-863-0333.

Level the Playing Field with Your Insurance Company. Call Long & Long Property Loss Attorneys today at 713-863-0333.

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