January 2018

Thousands of Hurricane Harvey Flood Victims Unable to Pay Mortgages, May Cause Foreclosure Crisis

Harvey Flood Foreclosures Posted January 31st, 2018

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, many homeowners are struggling to repair their homes and provide for their families. The extreme financial burdens of the past few months leave many unable to pay their mortgages. According to an article by CBN News, the widespread inability of Houston flood victims to pay their mortgages may soon…

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Thousands of Hurricane Harvey Flood Victims Waiting on FEMA Inspections to Assess Home Damage

Harvey Flood Damage Lawyers Posted January 25th, 2018

It has been five months since Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, and many residents of the Lonestar state are still facing many challenges that are making it incredibly difficult to receive the assistance they deserve. As Hurricane Harvey flood and wind damage victims are quickly finding out the hard way, the FEMA assistance process is complicated….

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Rebuilding Homes and Emotional Well-Being in the Wake of Harvey

Harvey Flood Victims Mental Health Posted January 16th, 2018

Much of the conversation following the destruction left in the wake of Hurricane Harvey is about the physical damage —and rightfully so. With thousands of homes destroyed by flood waters, the main focus is on how to rebuild. But what has been missing from the conversation is the severe emotional damage and stress that those…

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Houston Residents Cannot Move into FEMA Trailers Due to Local Ordinances

Hurricane Harvey Houston Flood Lawyers Posted January 10th, 2018

Thousands of Houston residents are still dealing with the aftermath of flood and wind damage from Hurricane Harvey. In an effort to provide temporary housing for many affected, FEMA provided trailers for housing. Many FEMA trailers have been set up in front of houses of those affected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas, but some families…

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